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Belleton sculpteur

A tense and sensual art

Direct carving here is total creation, release of his imagination. To direct the raw material, everything is anticipation; Belleton explores the forms left in the rough to better create the split between raw and polished. This passion was born there 30 years and has proved to Nicolli workshop in Carrara where he discovered the quality of the marble "statuario" used by Michelangelo, a quality and fine grain none.

Life is not made of chance but appointment: the "rock" is his favorite theme. Moreover, Monaco has inspired its creation "Embrace the rock"; Indeed, this meeting is not a coincidence but of a passion shared by two art lovers behind the meeting: Marc Imperiali and Alexandra Borghese.
1 of the Company Sculpture Prize Lyonnaise des Beaux-Arts in 1990. He participated in the first Biennial of Contemporary Art of Lyon.

Guest of honor in many exhibitions, his works have been exhibited among others at the Grand Palais in Paris, the National Fine Arts at the Carrousel du Louvre, in Brussels at the exhibition "Artists of the World."
Paris Drouot Auction: Marc-Arthur Kohn catalog.


A wine by the glass

Conservation and Service
> Storage under nitrogen 3 weeks
> Service 4 bottles, 8 bottles at temperature stock
> 1-2 doses per bottle adjustable, configurable and controlled electronically

Showcase and Design
> Transparency front and rear for easy installation island or bar
> Ambient lighting LED 7 colors to choose
> Customized designs and colors optional sides

Simple and Practical

> Very low gas consumption
> Simple to use, rapid change bottles
> Designed to withstand intensive daily use
> Easy and fast maintenance
> The Service + Advinéo: available, fast and efficient

Dordje créateur

Designer joaillerie

In Buddhist philosophy the word "Dorje" meant the queen of stones.

This stone, queen of gems is none other than diamond: perfect symbol of purity and especially of love is also the brightest stones and from millennia men looking radiance.

It is around this reflection on the light that jewelry were born Dorje

Each creation is built by a development of precious stones.

Patrice Protheau diamond cutter reveals his creations and offers to give him your suggestions or wishes, to guide you in the success of your dreams with precious stones and metals of your choice.